About Us


Namaste, I am Vedanta with an ambition to spread the message of yoga, generate awareness and guide towards development of physical capacity, refinement of mind, master our emotions and igniting the discriminating power of our intellect so as to better the overall well-being of every human being.
I was introduced to yoga long before I could even understand what it was by my parents,later on during my teenage, my mother engaged a yoga trainer to train me in yoga. After  graduation, I went in to do my post graduation in business management and got into a job in “The Corporate”.
However I always knew that I should do something more meaningful.
I could see and experience the stress people go through and how it hampered their personal and family life, about how we are moving away from the realities and true purpose of life, about how we have forgotten to be happy and enjoy our life and instead living in constant stress and strain.
I decided to do something about it.
I don’t quite remember how but I felt that yoga could have a positive impact in this matter.
Yoga during that period meant only Asanas to me, however when I enrolled for my diploma in yoga at Swami Santadas institute of culture and yogic college, I was amazed to understand that it is much more than just a set of few postures, it is a complete philosophy and more importantly it could answer all the questions I had in my mind and I was sure that it will be applicable to all people.
After completing my diploma, I left my job, ofcourse there was a little bit of turmoil, with immense support and constant motivation by my family, I continued to my engagement with Yoga. I enrolled for MSc program at SVYASA, deemed university at Bangalore. In order to develop knowledge in Human physiology, I completed Diploma in physiotherapy from NRS medical College, Kolkata.
By almighty’s grace, I had the opportunity to work with people of all ages from 6 to 80, which helped me to understand easily their interest and requirements.
In today’s scenario, I consider myself as a learner and try to improve everyday. It is a blessing to me.
To speak as a layman, I could perform the postures I dreamt about and appreciate when I saw them being performed by others.
It is a vast field to work with and I welcome everybody to participate in the process, whatever age group they are in, to enjoy the life in a meaningful way.
I seek all of your support to make this endeavour successful for the benefit of the society.